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It’s your month in love, Pisces, as things get off to a dreamy start. An aspect featuring your ruling planet snags your heart on January 3, and someone close to you might begin to look really good. If you’ve been friends so far, take it easy around the fourth, when the planet of love gets into some mischief with another heavenly body. By January 6, your communication gets better and you’re free to speak about what’s on your mind.

Single Pisces benefit from aspects on the eighth, when you’re asked to look deep within to see if what you have in love is working for you. Chances are good that it is!

By January 9, two decidedly steamy aspects have you yearning to see each other again. Married and partnered Pisces may find themselves playing a little hooky to spend some quality time together and have some new adventures in and out of bed.

If you’re looking for someone new to date, the fifteenth features an aspect so lucky that you may find that wishing on a star becomes your reality before long! The month ends with a lunar eclipse on the last day, which is sure to bring all kinds of new feels.

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