Week of Jan 18, 2021: A creative endeavor may wind up costing you way more than you bargained as the week begins. Jupiter in your financial sector will be squaring off with Uranus in your fifth house of artistic expression, revealing the price that your vision may cost. This may leave you feeling scared off, but it’s up to you to keep your vision alive, because you’re being inundated with creative inspiration when the Mars-Uranus conjunction awakens your fifth house on January 20.

Luckily, by January 23, you’ll start to see how pursuing your creative projects can also lead to financial windfalls. Mars in your fifth house of self-expression will square off with Jupiter in your second house of money, encouraging you to purchase what you need in order to do your art. It encourages unexpected checks to drop in. This week is a reminder that if you pursue your dreams. The money will eventually follow.

However, it’s still a process. So, don’t quit your day job until you’re absolutely ready. January 23 is when the sun-Saturn conjunction will land with a blow to your second house of possessions, encouraging you to think seriously about what separates what you want from what you need. Settle into a financial goal or budget that makes sense.

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