Week of Jan 4, 2021: The week begins with a beautiful chance to negotiate and bounce ideas off someone you find fascinating. The moon in your communication sector will form a trine with Mercury and Pluto in your seventh house of partnerships on January 4, encouraging you to breach hidden layers and investigate deeper. Mind-blowing connections may arise.

However, your instinct may be to do anything but work by January 7. The moon will move through your fifth house of pleasure as it squares off with the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction in your eighth house of transactions, leaving you with the desire to avoid your commitments and focus on fun instead. Luckily, this energy will pave the way for tons of creative expression by January 8, when the moon forms a trine with Neptune in your expansive ninth house. Intellectual exchange with other colleagues will also kickstart your desire to work as Venus in your harmonious seventh house trines with Mars in your social eleventh house.

You’ll start getting your head in the game again when the moon in your organized sixth house forms a sexile with Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn in your transformative eighth house—nudging you toward self-improvement and productivity.

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