Problems beset you all day Monday and Tuesday, especially from customers and colleagues who are more confident than they are accurate. Try to be flexible, but expect to face hardliners more often than not. You might want to call in a favor from someone high up in the hierarchy later in the week, and will have greater luck than usual working with people at that level. It's a good time to speak truth to power, if that needs to happen. The weekend will bring a few too many requests for you to handle, and prioritizing will be difficult. Try to take on problem at a time.

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Sex! Death! Transformation! What Power Will this Full Moon in Scorpio Give You?

It's that time of year again: full moon in Scorpio, bursting with the power of sex, death, transformation, and rebirth. Here, Rachel Celeste Hansen shares exactly how this full moon might affect YOU, based on your sun sign.

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