Week of Jan 25, 2021: You’re in the midst of a quiet, spiritual, and introspective period. However, on January 26, you may feel pulled away from your meditation as the sun in your twelfth house of reflection squares off with Uranus in your busy third house. Emails and phone calls may be running off the hook because everyone needs a favor or has a question, interrupting your peace.

However, your to-do list will take precedence on January 28, when the full moon in Leo sends revelations to your sixth house of work and health. This full moon will reveal how well you’ve been focusing on your priorities and whether you may need to rethink your priorities in a practical sense. As this full moon opposes Saturn and Jupiter in your spacey twelfth house, you may feel specifically confronted about your desire to escape from reality and dip into daydreams instead of stick to a routine. Reflect on how you can focus on the here-and-now, without disconnecting from your imagination completely.

As Mercury stations retrograde in your twelfth house of the subconscious on January 30, you may feel deeply pulled into solitude and inner healing. This is a beautiful time to indulge in your need for alone time and catch up on your own personal projects.

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