Pisces Weekly Work Horoscope

Week of February 18, 2024

It is all about you this week, Pisces! You might feel refreshed and renewed when the sun enters your sign on Sunday, February 18. The beginning of your zodiacal season will be exciting. Your confidence should soar, so coworkers may notice that you are more social and self-assured at work. Since you will be glowing, you should use this to your advantage by committing to interviews and meetings that you know you are going to nail. 

By the following day, you might need to work on healing your financial triggers since Chiron in Aries will conjunct the North Node in Aries and oppose the South Node in Libra. The Nodal transits will encourage you to work on your financial fears and worries. Healing your financial wounds is imperative so that you can begin feeling more comfortable with your financial desires and plans. By doing so, you could even improve your security and stability. 

However, you may want to be discreet about your financial plans for now since Venus in Aquarius will conjunct Mars in Aquarius at the end of your workweek. After all, you do not want to have any issues with competitive coworkers and feel unsure about your opportunities.

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