Pisces Weekly Work Horoscope

Week of May 28, 2023

What will help you feel good throughout your workweek, Pisces? At the beginning of your workweek, you might need to let go of anything holding you back from growing as a professional when the sun in Gemini squares Saturn in your sign on Sunday, May 28. The square could be challenging to navigate, but it could help you feel better about what you need to do to feel more secure as a professional. You can even view this as an opportunity to work on your leadership capabilities, especially if you want to assume more responsibility to be taken seriously as an authoritative figure in the workplace. 

The next few days will be relatively uneventful until Jupiter in Taurus conjuncts the North Node in Taurus on Thursday, June 1. The conjunction will amplify any good feelings that you may have about your work conversations. Consider this transit the perfect opportunity to pitch yourself, nail an interview, or hold an important meeting since your communication skills will be on fire! These discussions could even lead to long-term abundance. 

At the end of the week, reflect on how much your career has grown during the full moon in Sagittarius on Saturday, June 3.

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