cancer Weekly Love Horoscope for Week of October 10, 2021

Week of October 10, 2021

This week, it may be hard to understand intimacy on a deep level. When Saturn turns direct on October 10, after moonwalking in Aquarius since May 23, you may feel as though you want to harden your heart. This means creating boundaries between you and your partner, or even friends when the Libra sun and Jupiter retrograde in Aquarius connect on October 15. 

The reason you weren’t opting to take this path is because you feel as though others are taking your generosity and kindness for granted, without fairly reciprocating in return. Before you create limits with people, try to explain how you were feeling to avoid drama from happening in your relationships. You may find that a simple talk will open the issues and heal the situation without having to put a lot of effort into understanding and ruminating over it internally. 

You might also be feeling that you aren’t being given the amount of respect that you deserve. Whether this is in the form of a present, flowers, or even dinner which is made by your significant other, you are wanting to be treated like the amazing person you are. It’s okay to ask for this kindness from your partner. Make sure your needs are being met in order to create a healthy dynamic.