cancer Weekly Love Horoscope for Week of June 27, 2021

Week of June 27, 2021

You may begin seeing the value of a more stable partnership as this week begins. On June 27, Venus will glimmer in your grounded second house, encouraging you to release the drama and focus on a love life that’s based on trust. By June 28, Mars in your down-to-earth second house will sextile the North Node in your spiritual twelfth house, merging your need for practicality as well as your need for emotional understanding in a partnership.

However, you may struggle to tap into that source of emotional intimacy that you’re craving by July 1. As Mars opposes Saturn in your eighth house of shared energies, it may feel difficult to let your guard down and open your heart. Let go of your need to be seen as the partner who’s in “control” of their emotions. As Mars forms a trine with Chiron in your tenth house of reputation on July 2, you may find it easier to release your concern over how you’re perceived.

You may find yourself meeting new people and letting go of people around July 3. As Mars squares off with Uranus in your eleventh house of friends, relationships in your social circle may feel unpredictable. However, they could also feel incredibly stimulating and exciting.