cancer Weekly Love Horoscope for Week of October 24, 2021

Week of October 24, 2021

This week brings the promise of a new relationship your way, particularly on October 26, when Venus in Sagittarius squares off with retrograde Neptune in Pisces. Be careful, as your lovely rose-colored glasses may obscure the motivations behind seemingly affectionate actions. The relationship won’t fully take off until a heart-to-heart with your crush or prospective partner allows you to express your feelings. This conversation will change the dynamic, and you’ll happily date your ride or die. This week is a time to get things started after you set boundaries and understand your place in the dynamic between you two. On another note, October 26 will allow you to take a bold leap towards putting yourself out there. If you’re single, a romantic prospect that you’ll meet then will deepen and become more important than you ever expected. Rest assured that this week will guarantee longevity and success in the future. With the astrological aspects on your side, there is nothing that you cannot accomplish when it comes to love and romance.