Aries Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of January 15, 2023

You don't want to shut off completely, but keeping your cards close to your chest or being a little less available will bring a sense of mystery to your aura, especially on the sixteenth, when the moon forms a helpful connection to the magical Capricorn sun. While there might be an ulterior motive for your unavailable disposition, you will have a ton of personal engagements on your plate this week! 

A shift will manifest later, so go out and have a good time with your friends! This will create the perfect cosmic environment to pique your crush's interest through social media posts, especially if you’re looking super cute while having fun with your pals. Just be mindful that your coy game of hard-to-get doesn't go too far. If you truly do share a romantic interest with someone, it won't serve you to blow them off totally — but it also won't hurt for them to realize you have a vibrant life outside of your dating status. 

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