leo Weekly Love Horoscope for Week of May 2, 2021

Week of May 2, 2021

You may find yourself developing deeper feelings for someone you meet at work. On May 2, Venus in your ambitious tenth house will sextile Neptune in your intimate eighth house, which may leave you daydreaming about someone you know only professionally. No need to talk yourself out of a crush, but be careful not to rush into something before you truly know them.

However, your priorities and your goals may also be what prevents you from focusing on your love life this week. On May 3, the sun in your tenth house of career will square off with Saturn in your seventh house of partnerships, putting pressure on you as you try to balance your personal life with your public life. This period of time may reveal how you can support and nurture your relationship more profoundly.

By May 6, you’ll gain a better understanding of what your goals are, both in life and in love. As the North Node in your visionary eleventh house forms a sextile with Chiron in your expansive ninth house, you will find yourself healing the doubt and inhibition that’s holding you back from following your heart. And by May 8, Venus will square off with Jupiter in your relationship sector, centering your ambitions on finding a partner who truly gets you.