leo Weekly Love Horoscope for Week of July 11, 2021

Week of July 11, 2021

You may feel quieter and contemplative this week, thanks to the fact that Mercury is entering your twelfth house of the subconscious as of July 11. If you don’t have the right words for how you feel, there’s no need to speak on what doesn’t need to be said. As Mercury forms a trine with Jupiter in your intimate eighth house on July 12, you may prioritize more emotional interactions over superficial ones. Let your heart lead the way.

Your heart’s desires may come front and center by July 13. As Venus and Mars join forces in Leo, your love life is on fire this week. You may feel even more attractive, confident, and sexy than usual, prompting you to go after what (or who) you want. People may also feel incredibly turned on by your whole vibe, so don’t—under any circumstances—make yourself small.

Those emotional connections you were making may feel even more potent by July 15, when the sun in your intuitive twelfth house forms a trine with Neptune in your passionate eighth house, encouraging you to merge with someone you love. However, by July 17, reality calls. As the sun will oppose Pluto in your practical sixth house, you may feel startled by the demands of the “real world”, but that doesn’t mean your love life won’t survive them.