Leo Weekly Love Horoscope for Week of May 29, 2022

Week of May 29, 2022

How are you incorporating balance into your daily routines? This is your week to prioritize balance. Sit down and make a list of where you need to spend more time, whether it be finances, playtime, health, or in your social life. The new moon on the thirtieth is perfect for realigning with your goals and set intentions.  

You will feel very fired up on the twenty-ninth with both Mars and Jupiter in Aries. Exercise moderation, especially towards your spending. This is a great day to start a new hobby or take a fitness class with friends. The energies will be high and competitive and will give you a boost of fierceness. Your ideas will be on point too so make sure to write any thoughts or ideas down and see where it takes you. Make use of this fire energy, and you could turn a new leaf in your realm of success. 

You will shine brightly in social situations, and romance will be in your favor this week. On the third, Venus will bring you a sensual pep to your step. This is a good day to meet someone new. You might even get swept up and lose track of time. If in a relationship, plan a date night or dinner for your partner.

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