sagittarius Weekly Love Horoscope for Week of May 2, 2021

Week of May 2, 2021

As this week begins, you may find yourself feeling cozy and domestic. When Venus in your sixth house of practical action forms a sextile with Neptune in your warm fourth, you’ll be clicking your heels together and saying, “there’s no place like home”. The idea of a perfect date will definitely be curling up on the couch while you play board games and watch movies with your lover.

Reality may set in by May 3, and you and your lover may have way too much on your plate to focus on love. As the sun in your sixth house of daily routine squares Saturn in your third house of communication, you may find it hard to stay in touch with each other throughout your affairs. However, whether you make time to prioritize your relationship and send a text or return a call could make the difference between a superficial relationship and a more serious one.

You may come face to face with the fear you may have of fully expressing your love by May 6. However, as the North Node in your seventh house of partnerships forms a sextile with Chiron in your passionate fifth house, your lover may help you find the confidence to share your feelings. Love is more important than your fear.