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Sagittarius Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of June 23, 2024

You may feel like lazing around in bed all day on the twenty-sixth when the moon squares Jupiter. This is a safer choice than any risky behavior or going online for a little shopping, as you're likely to make choices that you later regret. Just take it easy if you feel called to being a homebody. 

When the moon moves into fellow fire sign Aries on the twenty-eighth, you'll be back to your old, energetic self, ready to jump back into the thick of it. In fact, this transit will likely boost your confidence enough to take a leap of faith in yourself or your endeavors. This is the right time to follow your instincts and just go for it! You'll see that your courage pays off in the coming weeks. Have faith even if it seems like it's not moving as fast as you would like. Patience is a virtue, so they say.

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Weekly Work Horoscope

What can you do to feel empowered, Sagittarius? Reflect on what you can invest to feel professionally empowered when Venus in Cancer squares the North Node in Aries and the South Node in Libra on Wednesday, June 26. The fateful squares suggest that it is time to try again. You may have invested time, energy, and attention into a past venture that did not pan out once before. As a result, it could have dampened your confidence. Luckily, the cosmic energy could help you try once again to pursue something you are excited about in your career path...

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Weekly Dating Horoscope

Whatever kinds of creative pursuits turn you on should work their magic on Monday, so explore your artistic side. Your social energy will be weird for much of the week, though you'll still be able to meet new people without trying very hard. Don't let yourself get overwhelmed, because your energy is going to be hot as can be on Thursday and Friday and you'll want to get out there and mix it up with the cuties. The rest of the weekend should be low-key.

Sagittarius Daily Love Horoscope

June 20

Cancer season is welcoming you today, Sagittarius. Despite Cancers being a water sign, you learn a lot from this period of the year because it empowers you to dig deep into your roots and emotional center. You may notice your intuition increases, and there are more opportunities for compassion,...

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Sagittarius Monthly Love Horoscope

Month of June 2024

On June 2, a powerful Jupiter-Pluto trine brings a burst of optimism into your love life, giving you a lot to look forward to. If you’re in a relationship, you can expect breakthroughs that lead to deeper intimacy and commitment. For single Archers, embracing this aspect’s positive energy allows...

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Sagittarius Yearly Love Horoscope

Year of 2024

You have a lot going on this year in other areas, but that doesn’t necessarily mean your love life has to suffer. Despite going through a period of potentially feeling alone or unsupported early in the year, you should be able to get what you need from love this year. It just might not be easy...

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