capricorn Weekly Horoscope for Week of March 14, 2021

Week of March 14, 2021 Next Week

Without a strong foundation, a building can topple over. Capricorn, this week, take the time to make sure your foundation is solid.

The week begins on Monday, March 15, with the sun in Pisces, in your house of communication, making a semi-square to Saturn in your house of finance. At the same time, Venus in Pisces makes a semi-square to Uranus in your house of risk and adventure. You might be poised to leap into an investment that you are sure is going to change your life. And now there are interruptions and blocks in the road. But this is not a great time to make a leap. Instead, stand on the edge and survey the possibilities. This is a good day for listening to and assessing the objections people have about what you're planning. Consider the warnings other people give you and plan accordingly. This doesn't mean you can't move forward. It means you need an escape plan just in case.

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Weekly Love

Welcome to a week with profound romantic possibility, Capricorn. From March 16 to the eighteenth, the moon will glide through your fifth house of romance, encouraging you to face your feelings regarding dating or matters of passion. Allow yourself to be sensitive and sensual. Single Capricorns may be up for a shocking realization about their feelings, particularly earlier on as the moon unites with Uranus.

Also, as Venus dances throughout your third house of communication this week, you may have just the right words to speak or write...

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Weekly Work

You may feel like isolating yourself as this week begins. After all, on March 15, the moon will move through your introspective fourth house as it squares off with Pluto in Capricorn. You might be doing some deep thinking about what you need on a spiritual level and what obstacles in your life might be holding you back. Give yourself the space you need to realize what needs realizing.

By March 16, all that thinking might just pay off as the moon-Uranus conjunction takes place in your artistic fifth house, which could lead to a...

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Weekly Dating

You can see the whole world lined up in front of you early this week. It's a great time to come to your senses over something that's been hassling you recently, and an even better time to make big decisions. Throw yourself into your work (paid or not) on Thursday and Friday, and force yourself to push past your limits. You've got something new to show people. You'll knock out all the hotties over the weekend without trying too hard. It's just your time to shine. Strut a little if you want, but you don't have to.