Aries Weekly Horoscope for Week of November 20, 2022

Week of November 20, 2022

This week, a vision of freedom leads to some practical adjustments. 

The week begins on Sunday, November 20, when the sun in Scorpio and your house of resources trines Jupiter in Pisces. Aries, this is a case of seeing an open door and knowing it’s time to go through it. This might be an opportunity to make additional income, start a business or make a profitable investment. This combination is about using your wisdom and experience along with a little bit of synchronicity from the Universe to score something big.

On Monday, November 21, Mercury conjoins Venus in Sagittarius and your house of travel. You are all about first-class accommodations today. If you’re making travel arrangements, you might find that you’re willing to upgrade no matter the cost. If you’re feeling bold, you might get bumped up to business class if you ask. Aries, your past travel experience and willingness to be flexible could give you extra perks as you travel.

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