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aries Horoscope

Week of Aug 26, 2019: You’ll be feeling more sensitive and in need of quality time with your loved ones on August 26 when the emotional moon in your fourth house of family life forms a harmonizing angle to dreamy Neptune in your twelfth house of spirituality. See if you can put work on the backburner temporarily in order to rest, recharge, and reconnect with your nearest and dearest. The moment does wonders for bolstering your most intimate bonds.

Then, around August 30, when the new moon is in your sixth house of wellness, you’ll have more energy to research and implement new, simple, everyday ways to take care of yourself—from getting more sleep to adding more steps to bumping up your veggie or water intake. Even if these measures seem small, they’re sure to have a cumulative effect that has you feeling more vital, strong, and energized.

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