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aries Horoscope

Week of Apr 13, 2020: On April 15, when the confident sun in your sign forms a tense, harsh square to expansive Jupiter in your tenth house of career, you might be feeling especially self-assertive and confident when it comes to sharing your thoughts and ideas with higher-ups. You might also be more apt to dive into grand-scale projects that might be actually more than you can realistically take on at this moment. For that reason, you’ll do well to approach this moment with a more measured perspective as much as possible.

And on April 16, the emotional moon pairs up with go-getter Mars in your eleventh house of networking, and you’ll want to put what’s in your heart into action in terms of a group project or team, communal effort. Trust your instincts and know you have what it takes to take on whatever major initiative you have in mind. You’re sure to shine.

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