aries Weekly Horoscope for Week of March 7, 2021

By Donna Stellhorn

Week of March 7, 2021 Next Week

This week, you're collecting info and weighing your choices. Aries, you're ready to convince others of your decision.

The week begins on Tuesday, March 9, with a pair of aspects starting with Venus in Pisces making a square to the North Node and South Node. You have strong opinions today about everything from news reports to how your dinner tastes. You might love it or hate it. There's no gray area at this time.

On the same day, Mercury in Aquarius makes a semi-square to Chiron in your house of confidence. One of the reasons you are so polarized today is because you may not be feeling as strong as usual. You could be sore from some hard workouts, or you're just a bit rundown. Either way, you feel a little less sure of yourself. But you'll feel better soon.

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Weekly Love

You’re headed into the week with the confidence to flirt and connect. On March 9, the moon in your social eleventh house will form a trine with Mars in your communication sector, encouraging you to be a little daring and mischievous as you chat up your crush. Just don’t go too overboard, because this moon will also square Uranus in your stable second house, which means there’s no way of knowing how your jokes and witticisms are going to land.

However, the cosmos wants you to set aside your penchant for overanalyzing things this week....

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Weekly Work

As this week begins, make sure you pay attention to your intuition. On March 8, the moon and Pluto will join forces in your tenth house of career, endowing you with a near-psychic understanding of what move you should make next and all the motivation to succeed. However, as the moon joins forces with Saturn in your eleventh house of hopes and wishes on March 9, you might feel temporarily discouraged. Manifesting your dreams takes work, but that doesn’t mean you’re fully equipped to do that work.

For the remainder of the week, you...

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Weekly Dating

The whole first half of this week will be filled with seriously positive energy. If there's any way for you to score some playtime with your posse, go for it. By midweek, family dynamics might get a little overwhelming even if you're determined to keep things simple. Expect a surprise of some kind, maybe a call from someone unexpected, on Thursday or Friday. The weekend will be long and kind of slow in a good way. If you work your laziness (if there's any to work), you'll find yourself charming the cuties big time.