Aries Weekly Horoscope for Week of July 10, 2022

Week of July 10, 2022

This week will be a busy one. Fortunately, you have a lot of energy to meet the challenge. 

The week begins on Sunday, July 10, with the sun in Cancer and your area of home and family making a sextile to Uranus in Taurus and your house of money. Today, you’re likely to spend money on your home. Even if this stretches the budget, it’s for the family and therefore necessary. Aries, it’s possible you’re finding a new store or outlet to get items at a better price.

On Wednesday, July 13, Venus in Gemini and your house of communication trines Saturn in your house of community. It is also the full moon in Capricorn. Helpful and beneficial interactions with the community are quite possible today. Aries, you might be gathering with neighbors for a garage sale, getting free compost from the city or attending a concert in the park. Today, you’re likely socializing with neighbors and friends at an event.

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