Taurus Weekly Horoscope for Week of May 15, 2022

Week of May 15, 2022

This week, all eyes are on you. 

The week begins on Sunday, May 15, with the sun in Taurus (happy birthday!) and your house of confidence making a square to Saturn in Aquarius and your house of official communication. Taurus, it’s possible you’re speaking in public today, launching your blog or uploading your novel online. But with this hard square, you could be receiving a lot of resistance when you want to move forward. There seems to be someone standing in your way. Unless they have a badge, consider going around this obstacle.

On Monday, May 16, there’s a lunar eclipse in Scorpio lighting up your house of relationships. This eclipse can signal a change in a close relationship. Taurus, you might decide to become closer, even intimate. But if you’re in a long-term relationship and that connection has been brittle lately, this eclipse energy could signal a time to give each other some space. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s over, but you might need a break from one another.

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Weekly Love

The week kicks off with the Scorpio lunar eclipse activating the sector of your chart that rules personal philosophy, which means you should seek emotional fulfillment spiritually before you look for it romantically. These vibes will be especially poignant, as the eclipse is asking you to practice self-love and healthy boundaries. Going within right now can help bring clarity to your romantic path ahead, so don't feel bad about indulging in some quiet time for self-reflection. You'll see some serious action on the twentieth when the sun moves...

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Weekly Work

The eclipse portal is closing this week - are you ready, Taurus?

How you match up with your career path may feel somewhat uncertain, even at a crossroads, when the sun in your squares Saturn in Aquarius on Sunday, May 15. You may feel tense, unsure of your next step to achieve your dreams, or even at odds with your current professional standing. Instead of throwing in the towel, try to find the silver lining in your long-term professional journey. The following day, your working relationships and arrangements may reach an unexpected...

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Weekly Dating

Monday's positive energy could be diluted on Tuesday, so expect a day or two of indecisiveness and dithering. You shouldn't have anything staring you in the face, so don't worry too much about putting things off until later in the week. You'll be feeling much more secure about your position by Thursday, and you can easily make the call one way or another. You'll need to take a back seat to someone else this weekend, but if you can let them have their way, things will go much more smoothly for you. Relax and give up control.