taurus Weekly Horoscope for Week of July 11, 2021

Week of July 11, 2021

Taurus, you have peace for most of this week, especially if you trust yourself.

The week begins on Monday, July 12, with Mercury in Cancer making a trine to Jupiter in Pisces in your house of friendships. Today, you could receive some good news from a friend, sibling, or cousin. They're here to pay you a compliment and give thanks for your support. This can result in lots of smiles.

On Tuesday, July 13, Venus in Leo forms a conjunction with Mars in your house of home and family. You and your sweetheart may be getting ready to play house together. Even if you have been living together for a while, you could be redecorating or discussing moving to a dream house in the future. The practical dialogue could give way to playfully chasing each other around the sofa pretty quickly. Taurus, you could end the day with some satisfying romance.

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Weekly Love

Your ability to be witty and clever is really off the charts this week. After all, on July 11, Mercury will enter your charismatic third house, tapping into your desire for intellectual stimulation in your love life. Make you and your lover laugh with your hilarious way with words. As Mercury forms a trine with Jupiter in your eleventh house of community on July 12, you may be making a lot of new friends (and meeting new lovers in the process).

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You’re tapping into your ability to have stimulating and persuasive conversations with colleagues and clients this week. On July 11, Mercury will enter your third house of communication, leading to more opportunities to learn and share your knowledge. As Mercury forms a trine with Jupiter in your extraverted eleventh house on July 12, you’re approaching a powerful opportunity to network and expand your team.

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Weekly Dating

Keep your wallet in your pants or purse all day Tuesday and Wednesday -- that one purchase that seems so tempting will turn around and bite you if you aren't careful. Let go of those feelings by Thursday, though -- you've got three solid days of nonstop positive energy and some serious attention from hotties to look forward to. You might feel rushed on Sunday, but do your best not to push yourself too hard. There's nothing to be gained from wearing yourself out.