taurus Weekly Horoscope for Week of October 17, 2021

Week of October 17, 2021

This week, your decision-making ability comes into play. Taurus, time to allow good things into your life.

The week begins on Sunday, October 17, with the sun in Libra, in your house of effort, making a square to Pluto in Capricorn in your house of education. Taurus, you may be frustrated with how long it takes you to learn a new task. Have you forgotten when you were younger that it didn't matter how long it took? You were determined to figure things out. Pull in that positive energy from your past to help you with this project.

On Tuesday, October 19, Mercury goes direct in the sign of Libra. Your schedule starts to clear up a bit. Some of the busyness now subsides. Over the last few weeks, you have checked a lot of things off your list. Taurus, things now become more peaceful.

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Weekly Love

The direction of your relationship will become clearer, as you will have more insight into the direction that you two are headed in life. One word of advice: Take baby steps toward a successful relationship, don’t rush. 

When Mars in Libra and Jupiter in Aquarius connect on October 18, you may be inclined to move your relationship forward. However, there are still matters that need to be discussed and changed even though you’re living in a personal bubble that isn’t making you see clearly. On this day, think about the future to avoid...

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Weekly Work

How do you want to make the most of your week, Taurus? Since October is almost over, you may have a few loose ends to wrap up. 

On Monday, October 18, both Jupiter and Mercury station direct. This is especially fortuitous for your work life and investments! Mercury is now direct in your sector of work environment and routine, which smooths over any retrograde mishaps. Meanwhile, Jupiter is direct in your sector of legacy and career, so now this celestial giant can expand your career path to be abundant. Together, both set you up for...

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Weekly Dating

If you were waiting for an excuse to be self-indulgent, wait no longer! Monday and Tuesday both seem specifically suited to putting number-one (that's you) first, whether you're taking a long run or just goofing off with irresponsible abandon. On Wednesday and Thursday, you can expect jealousy (and maybe even some accompanying moodiness) to rear its ugly head. When in doubt, don't assume the worst -- and try not to be oversensitive. Look for a chance to charm some exotic stranger on Friday or Saturday. On Sunday, expect enlightenment.