Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Week of June 4, 2023

This week, you are the object of admiration.

The week begins on Sunday, June 4, with Mercury conjoining Uranus in Taurus and your house of dwellings. Today, you want to take a wrecking ball to the house. You might want to revamp the kitchen, restyle the living room, or knock out a wall so you can add another bathroom. Aquarius, some changes could really shift how you feel about your house.

On Monday, June 5, Venus in Leo and your house of relationships opposes Pluto in Aquarius. There is someone who’s quite interested in you. And this means they could be contacting you through texts, emails, or phone calls. Aquarius, while you might be looking for love, you’re dragging your feet in this particular case. This is a good time to ask yourself why the thing you want is also what you’re procrastinating about. The answer could be quite revealing.

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