Week of Jan 11, 2021: As the week begins, the romantic vibrations are swirling around you as the moon in your flirtatious fifth house joins forces with Venus. Take advantage of this gorgeous energy and write your lover a love note or draw yourself a bath filled with rose petals and your favorite crystals. You might feel so immersed in romance that you slip out of your routine on January 12. Mercury in your practical sixth house squares Uranus, leading to disorganization.

Your heart will feel totally awakened by the thirteenth. The new moon in your playful fifth house is inspiring you to let more joy into your life. Leave behind the ifs, ands, or buts as they pertain to your love life and simply enjoy the experience of being in love. Invoke the love into being and the universe will respond with more.

That is also the day Mars in your spontaneous ninth house squares Saturn in your productive sixth house, leaving you feeling more frustrated if you’re being too critical of yourself for falling behind. Don’t worry. You will catch up later.

This week is not about being the best worker; it’s about being the best at love. And on January 14, the sun-Pluto conjunction in your artistic fifth house is transforming your ability to love. Lean into it.

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