Week of Jan 18, 2021: When the week begins, it’s very important for you to pay attention to your lover’s actions. On January 19, the moon in your passionate eighth house squares off with Venus in your sixth house of service, which may leave you feeling devoted to someone no matter how they treat you.

However, if disappointment has built up, you might just be ready to break free by the twentieth. The Mars-Uranus conjunction rocks and rolls in your expansive ninth house, tapping into your need for freedom and adventure.

But this doesn’t mean your lover won’t come along with you. On January 22, the moon in your ninth house of spontaneity trines Pluto in your romantic fifth house, and you could potentially be inviting your lover to embark on this next journey with you while deepening your bond. On the twenty-third, Mars squares Jupiter in your practical sixth house, encouraging you to take a leap of faith and allow the universe to catch you.

However, the sun-Saturn conjunction in your sixth house of work and health also takes place on Saturday, revealing the parameters you have to work with. Freedom is fine and good, but a relationship won’t survive without a modicum of realistic thinking.

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