Is there a secret surcharge on that ticket? And what's all that tiny type at the bottom of your confirmation email? Unfortunately, you need to check the fine print as the week begins -- both literally and emotionally in any personal interactions. You'll be glad you did later. (Sure, you love secrets -- but only when you're in on them!) The middle of the week is an excellent time to cut loose and forge a new trail on your travels -- whether it's ticking off a much-anticipated sightseeing destination, or meeting new travel companions and exotic strangers. This weekend, don't get too full of yourself! A little humility could be the key to unlocking this challenge.

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Sex! Death! Transformation! What Power Will this Full Moon in Scorpio Give You?

It's that time of year again: full moon in Scorpio, bursting with the power of sex, death, transformation, and rebirth. Here, Rachel Celeste Hansen shares exactly how this full moon might affect YOU, based on your sun sign.

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