sagittarius Weekly Work Horoscope for Week of June 27, 2021

Week of June 27, 2021

You may feel inspired to learn and expand your mind now that Venus is entering your ninth house of wisdom as of June 27. You may feel an insatiable thirst for knowledge, pushing you to sign up for classes, read up on relevant topics, and garner new experiences. In fact, by June 28, you may even forge a powerful connection with someone in your field as Mars in your expansive ninth house forms a sextile with the North Node in your partnership sector.

However, by July 1, you may have trouble thinking clearly. As Mars opposes Saturn in your third house of mental stimulation, retaining information and picking up on important details may feel harder than usual. It may be in your best interest to focus more on your artistic proclivities and leave the logic for later. On July 2, Mars will trine Chiron in your creative fifth house, helping you heal your confidence in your innate talents. There’s nothing you need to prove.

There may be unexpected developments at work by July 3. Mars will square Uranus in your sixth house of routine, which could lead to spontaneous interventions in your plans. Try to go with the flow rather than force yourself to stick to a rigid schedule.