Sagittarius Weekly Work Horoscope

Week of June 11, 2023

Professional commitments will be the focus of your workweek, Sagittarius. Expect to feel intensely introspective as you regard your financial matters and value systems when Pluto retrograde enters Capricorn on Sunday, June 11. Since this retrograde will be profound, you may uncover some residual truths that could put your matters into a new perspective. 

Given that Mercury in Taurus will trine Pluto retrograde, you could use this as an opportunity to openly discuss what you are looking for in your work life. Shortly after, Mercury will enter its domicile and your opposite sign, Gemini, so your mental gears will shift toward your professional arrangements. Use Mercury in Gemini to explore your options and negotiate your terms. 

As your workweek continues, you may feel like it is time to restructure the premises of your obligations, contracts, and partnerships when Mercury in Gemini squares Saturn in Pisces on Thursday, June 15. The square may cause some tension, but it could help you speak up about what you want to focus on so that you can have a better work-life balance. The time to reconsider the terms of your professional commitments will come once Saturn stations retrograde in Pisces on Saturday, June 17.

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