Sagittarius Weekly Work Horoscope

Week of July 21, 2024

Did you reach your financial goals, Sagittarius? Hopefully, you will see a positive difference in your bank account during the full moon in Capricorn on Sunday, July 21. The last six months have been financially intensive as you worked toward saving or making more money. If you have not reached your goals, this may lead to a touchy conversation about your opportunities at work. It might be time to seek new professional arrangements, contracts, and relationships. Your prosperity may flourish if you are open to something new. 

By the following day, you could be ready to explore new ventures and have exciting experiences when the sun enters Leo. You have a chance to get out of your comfort zone this Leo season. Be open to trying something new since it may lead to an incredible professional pathway you may not have been privy to before Leo season. If you have any worries, confront your fears early on. 

Later on, you may become the talk of the town when Mercury enters Virgo on Thursday, July 25. The Mercurial energy will highlight your communicative and educational feats in your career path, bringing more attention to you as a professional. 

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