Seven of Swords & Page of Swords Tarot Card Combination and Meaning

Exploring the Tarot Card Combination of Seven of Swords and Page of Swords

Overview of the Seven of Swords and Page of Swords Tarot Cards

Before diving into the specifics of what the Seven of Swords and Page of Swords tarot card combination means, it's essential to understand the individual cards. The Seven of Swords is one of the Minor Arcana cards and typically depicts a person sneaking away with five swords, leaving two behind. Traditionally, this card represents deceit, trickery, or betrayal. Alternatively, it can indicate that the person is trying to avoid a situation or responsibility. The Page of Swords is also a Minor Arcana card that often depicts a young person holding a sword while standing alert and ready. This card represents a curious, intelligent and perceptive person, someone who relishes challenges and possesses a quick and witty mind.

Interpretation of the Seven of Swords and Page of Swords Combination

When these two cards appear together, there is a clear message of caution and awareness. This combination suggests that someone may be trying to trick or betray you, and it's essential to keep your wits about you to avoid being caught off guard. The Page of Swords' quick mind and analytical skills can be used to identify lies or deceit, so be on the lookout for a person who may be trying to take advantage of your trust. The Seven of Swords suggests that the person may be doing so purely out of their self-interest, without any regard for your feelings or the consequences of their actions. This card combination is a warning to be careful with your trust and not to let your guard down. You may need to take steps to protect yourself, whether that be distancing yourself from this person or being more vigilant about checking their behaviour or actions.

Other Possible Interpretations of the Combination

While the Seven of Swords and Page of Swords combination often represents deception and betrayal, other interpretations may also be applicable. For example, this combination could represent a situation where you need to take action and make difficult decisions in your life. The Page of Swords can indicate a need for careful analysis and evaluation of the situation, while the Seven of Swords' advice may be to make swift, strategic moves to achieve your goals. Alternatively, this card combination may also suggest that you need to be cunning or strategic to solve a problem or challenge in your life, perhaps employing stealth or manipulating the environment to succeed.


The Seven of Swords and Page of Swords tarot card combination typically represents deception, betrayal, or the need for careful analysis and action. It's a reminder to be alert and trust your instincts while also taking steps to protect yourself from potential harm. Understanding the meaning and messages of tarot card combinations like these can provide insight and guidance on your spiritual journey.