The Temperance & Seven of Swords Tarot Card Combination and Meaning

The Meaning of Tarot Card Combination: The Temperance and Seven of Swords

The Temperance Card

The Temperance card is the 14th card in the Major Arcana of the tarot deck. This card is often depicted as a winged angel with one foot on land and another in the water, symbolising the balance between the material world and the spiritual realm. The Temperance card signifies moderation, harmony, and balance, indicating that the seeker needs to strike a balance in their life. The card represents patience, self-control, and the ability to adapt and adjust to changing situations. It suggests taking a more measured and balanced approach to life, as opposed to rushing into things without proper consideration. This card encourages the seeker to find a middle ground and create harmony in all areas of their life.

The Seven of Swords Card

The Seven of Swords card is part of the Minor Arcana and is often depicted as a figure sneaking away with swords. This card represents deceit, betrayal, and secrecy. The Seven of Swords indicates that someone is trying to get away with something, whether it is stealing or deception. This card can also refer to the need for self-preservation, strategy, and avoiding conflict. It indicates that the seeker may have to proceed with caution and keep some things hidden to achieve their goals. The Seven of Swords encourages the seeker to be smart, cunning, and use their resources wisely.

The Combination of The Temperance and Seven of Swords

The combination of The Temperance and Seven of Swords suggests that the seeker needs to find balance and harmony while also keeping an eye out for deception and betrayal. This combination indicates that someone may be trying to take advantage of the seeker or deceive them in some way. The Temperance card advises the seeker to take a measured approach and avoid overreacting to any negative situations. It indicates that the seeker needs to remain patient and maintain a sense of balance both mentally and emotionally. The Seven of Swords cautions the seeker to be vigilant and take steps to protect themselves from deceit, theft, or a sense of self-preservation. This card shows the need for the seeker to tread carefully when it comes to their personal and professional dealings. Overall, this tarot card combination advises the seeker to strike a balance between their need to protect themselves and their need for harmony and balance in their lives. The Temperance card's message of restraint and balance, combined with the Seven of Swords' need for strategy and self-preservation, should help the seeker navigate any challenging situations they may encounter in their journey.