Ten of Wands & Ten of Swords Tarot Card Combination and Meaning

Ten of Wands and Ten of Swords: A Definitive Guide

Tarot is a divination tool used to gain insight into past, present, and future events. Every tarot card has a unique meaning, but the combination of two or more cards can provide greater clarity and insight. In this guide, we will explore the meaning of the Ten of Wands and Ten of Swords combination.

The Ten of Wands

The Ten of Wands represents an overwhelming burden, responsibility, or struggle. The card depicts a man carrying a heavy load of ten wands. His posture and facial expression show the weight and difficulty of his task. The card signifies a limit has been reached and warns of the negative consequences of being overburdened. At times, the Ten of Wands can also represent self-imposed burdens, inhibiting personal growth.

The Ten of Swords

The Ten of Swords is the tarot card of endings, betrayal, and loss. Ten swords pierce a man lying on the ground, signifying ultimate defeat. The card signifies a sudden and final end to a situation, a relationship, or a way of life. While the Ten of Swords may represent a difficult phase, there is a recognition that a new cycle can now begin.

The Combination of Ten of Wands and Ten of Swords

The combination of the Ten of Wands and Ten of Swords is a powerful message. The two cards together indicate a significant burden, struggle or responsibility which has led to a sudden and final end, resulting in defeat or betrayal. The burden may have been self-imposed or due to external pressures, but it has become too much to bear. The Ten of Swords represents an ending. This end may represent the betrayal or loss of a relationship, a job, a belief system, or a significant aspect of one's life. In contrast, the Ten of Wands represents the ongoing struggle to carry a load that is too heavy. Together, the combination of Ten of Wands and Ten of Swords suggests that the struggle has gotten out of control, and it is time to let go of the burden and seek new beginnings.

Interpreting the Combination of Ten of Wands and Ten of Swords

The combination of Ten of Wands and Ten of Swords can be a challenging one to interpret. It could represent a professional or personal struggle that has become unbearable, leading to a sudden and dramatic end. It could suggest that one has carried a burden for so long that it has ended in personal defeat or betrayal. In some cases, the Ten of Wands and Ten of Swords combination can indicate the potential for serious injury, illness, or even death. In others, it may represent a release from a difficult situation, leading to a new sense of freedom and possibility.


The Ten of Wands and Ten of Swords combination represents a challenging and potentially life-changing situation. This combination serves as a reminder that carrying too much weight can lead to a dramatic and sudden end. But it also suggests that endings can lead to new beginnings and the emergence of a new cycle in life. Whether you are experiencing a difficult situation, betrayal, or loss, this combination is a powerful reminder that you will emerge stronger and capable of overcoming anything.