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Daily BeautyScope


Exercise doesn't always mean that you have to strap on your sneakers and head out to the gym. A...

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The latest 'it' bag really isn't all that in your opinion. You'd rather buy a purse that has fewer...

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It's a good idea to double-check your appointments and make sure you haven't booked an eyebrow...

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You usually get a Swedish massage, but why not branch out? Shiatsu, hot stone, rolfing -- go on, do...

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Oh, no! Your tailor is moving to a different neighborhood! After you express your regrets, make...

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No one, but no one, knows how to draw a straight line like you. Someone needs your help. Who has...

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You'll get by with a little help from your friends -- especially if that help involves zipping you...

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Regular maintenance extends the life of your beauty treatments. Deep conditioning means you don't...

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Become a regular customer at a salon or a spa, especially if you know there are certain services...

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If your sister's nails always look great, ask her why. Turns out the secret isn't twice-weekly...

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Beauty products have expiration dates -- yes, even the powders. Make sure you check the labels,...

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Learn to knit and you can finally have that one-of-a-kind sweater you've always seen in your head....

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