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Daily BeautyScope


It's good to have style aspirations, but you also have to have a sense of perspective. Remember...

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That pearl necklace from your grandmother and your aunt's cashmere coat aren't just cool vintage...

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Looking spectacular is second nature to you now. It's a great time to take a style risk -- you can...

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Mix two shades of eye shadow together to get that perfect misty grey. Use dishwashing soap to wash...

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Kicking and screaming won't get you into your appointment any faster. Why not take a deep breath...

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When you want to move on up, think about what you wear to work. You know what they say: Dress for...

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Those red-carpet celebrities ain't got nothing on you. They need to hire teams of professionals to...

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You're tired of the machines at the gym. It's time to get out and play -- yes, play. Find a soccer...

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You are shopper, hear you roar! Slipshod service, mislabeled merchandise -- you won't have any of...

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You know all the fashion rules -- heck, you made some of them. But you know what? Today you feel...

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You can be pretty no-frills when it comes to your beauty regimen, but even a no-nonsense type needs...

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An unusual accessory adds that certain something to your outfit. What about a boutonniere or a...

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