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Things will get rapidly out of hand, so walk as on eggshells. Not sure what the pivotal moment will...

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Your chatty mood is the talk of the town. But if you keep your voice down, you'll be acting out of...

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You owner will do too much thinking. You would never be comfortable that lost in thought. But...

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Every dog deserves one day to be uncultivated, and this is yours. No whistle can keep you by your...

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You owner walks fast, your owner walks slow -- hey, you're adaptable. If you weren't, it would be a...

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By your analysis, your human is getting much better chow than you are. That seems cold, doesn't it?...

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Getting plenty of exercise and sharing your innermost feelings -- do they really complement each...

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Hmm, your food is getting thinner and thinner, and your walks shorter and shorter. Or are they?...

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You know the big picture: guard the castle. But when there's a lot going on, the details slip...

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The student teaches the teacher today. What are you? If you're a wise old dog, then listen up. But...

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Your owner is a free thinker. You're allowed plenty of freedom, so don't spoil it. Keeping things...

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What happened to the exercise resolution? Compliance is sketchy at best. If your owner thinks it's...

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