cancer Daily Horoscope for March 8, 2021

By Mackenzie Greer

March 8, 2021 Today

Relationships are your top priority under Monday’s skies, Cancer. Your ruling planet, the ever-changing moon, marches through your opposite sign of steady Capricorn. Luna’s presence here signals a need to devote time, energy, and focus on the current realities of your closest relationships. The moon’s evening tango with heavy Pluto makes for an intense atmosphere—one that helps clear the air of unspoken frustrations.

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Daily Love

With Venus dancing through your exotic ninth house of expansion, faith, and unknown territory, you can't help but feel utterly smitten by the mere thought of adventure. Single or attached, the idea of thrill is almost intoxicating during this time, especially with the sun approaching its annual and very dreamy conjunction to Neptune in the same area of your chart. And if you think that's all sorts of magical, just wait until your planetary ruler aligns with the all-encompassing God of the Sea, amidst Luna’s journey through your committed seventh house of relationships today. Trust that the universe has your back and remember: You are worthy of a divine partner, Cancer.

Daily Work

Crab, today can present an opportunity to show off your creative know-how on a broader scale. Your ruling planet, the moon, is in Capricorn and forming a connection with influential Pluto in your seventh house of work partnerships. Not only that but the moon is also sending positive energy to exalted and creative Venus in Pisces in your higher vision sector. What have you been dreaming about launching and putting on the back burner? Now is the time to seek who can help you make it a reality.

Daily Dating

Take care of some awkward social business with housemates or neighbors. They're more receptive to you now. It might be harsh at first, but things should get a lot easier soon.

Daily Bonus

Cultivate a quality of openness, especially where relationships are concerned.