capricorn Daily Horoscope for April 11, 2021

April 11, 2021

As a Capricorn, you often cast your eyes on the future. The universe is working to show you that sometimes you need to look to the past before you can move forward. Today’s new moon in individuality-honoring Aries highlights your need to explore your family story, both past and present, in order for progress to be forthcoming. Expect developments to emerge around your home life and living situation too!

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Daily Love

You're making the necessary changes, and taking the action needed to live your best life, Capricorn. Single or taken, today's new moon in Aries will ignite your domestic fourth house of home, family, and inner foundations, and form a harmonious sextile with your planetary ruler, Saturn. Keep in mind, the taskmaster planet is currently shaking up your comfort-seeking second house which, in turn, encourages you to prioritize everything from your sense of security to your value systems. Some of you might even consider remodeling your humble abode, or perhaps moving in with a significant other, as Venus will also form a lucky sextile with Jupiter. Dream big.

Daily Work

Dear Capricorn, this is a powerful day for you both emotionally and financially. The new moon in Aries is occurring in your emotional center and it’s sending positive energy to expansive Jupiter in Aquarius in your second house of earned income. You are feeling in your power recently and, as a result, you might receive an increase in your compensation. Money is energy, after all. And when you can invoke your own personal power, it magnetizes it to you that much faster!

Daily Dating

It's a weird time for a date because people have a much easier time pretending to be more than they really are. In fact, most folks do that without realizing what they're up to. Try it yourself!

Daily Bonus

If you aren't ready to end things, don't slam the door. Leave it open just a crack.