gemini Daily Horoscope for June 19, 2021

June 19, 2021

You’re likely to be feeling fired up on the creative front today, Gemini. The moon meanders through beauty-seeking Libra and harmoniously aligns with your ruling planet, messenger Mercury. This aspect does wonders for your charisma and draws attention to your identity, so don’t be shy about woo-ing a special someone. Later, Luna’s square to Venus can stir up financial worries.

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Daily Love

Are you getting the closure you need, Gemini? Your planetary ruler, Mercury, continues to retrograde through your sign, challenging you to reflect, review, and reconsider the situation at hand. Keep in mind, today's moon will be activating your romantic fifth house of love, passion, pleasure, and self-expression, so you're likely emotionally invested in themes surrounding your happiness, and desire for affection. Luna will be in harmony with your mischievous planetary ruler which, in turn, encourages you to open up and go inward. For some of you, this could very well consist of openly discussing feelings with someone you're interested in. The question is, will you?

Daily Work

Gemini, tap into your creativity! Work can feel like a pleasure when you allow it to. The Libra moon is in your fifth house of self-expression and forming an auspicious connection with the Gemini sun. This is amplifying your natural talent as an authentic creator and craft communicator. If you are in the communications or marketing field, you can feel empowered and strong in what you have to offer to your team. Be confident, Twins!

Daily Dating

Even if you have a type that you thought was set in stone, someone really different turns your head today. Go with it and see what happens. You never know when you might meet the right person!

Daily Bonus

A misunderstanding causes gigantic waves; resolve to be more direct next time.