leo Daily Horoscope for October 21, 2021

October 21, 2021

It’s easy to get worked up under Thursday’s skies, Leo. Aim to give yourself a physical outlet today, so your mental stress doesn’t bottle up and explode in harsh outward comments. The potent square between self-directed Mars and renewal-seeking Pluto can bring work tensions to a boil. If you can keep it calm, use this honesty-first energy to clear the air with coworkers or bosses rather than let things fester.

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Daily Love

Getting your flirt on, Leo? Your sizzling planetary ruler, the sun, continues to energize and revitalize your curious third house of communication, thought processes, and immediate exchanges, but there's more. Luna continues to glimmer through your bossy tenth house of authority, but it will simultaneously collide with freedom-loving Uranus in the process. Whether it be in-person or via social media, it's important to think before you say something you may end up regretting. There’s no need to fixate on the details, but do pay attention. Go-getter Mars will eventually clash with Pluto, which, in turn, creates friction between your perception and what's actually practical.

Daily Work

How can you meet others in conversation today, Leo? As Mars squares Pluto today, you will likely find difficulties in conversing with coworkers today. Heck, you may even have some troubles physically getting to work! But more importantly, today’s square is likely to cause a bit of tension when you and your coworkers do not see eye-to-eye. A simple conversation could take a quick turn. It would be wise to maintain rapport with coworkers, so do not entertain any unnecessarily heated debates. Walk away when you feel like neither you nor a coworker will budge.

Daily Dating

Spend a little time deciding what you really want out of life. Finances are boring, it's true -- but now's not the time to go off spending willy-nilly. If you're frugal and wise, you'll definitely get your money's worth later.

Daily Bonus

Make a to-do list and keep yourself organized. Impulsive acts are not wise today.