sagittarius Daily Horoscope for June 19, 2021

June 19, 2021

Go after your goals today, Sagittarius. They needn’t be gigantic to be meaningful, and you can accomplish a lot if you let yourself get started. The logical Libra moon aligns with expressive Mercury today, allowing you to make headway in any collaborative efforts that benefit your aspirations. Later, Luna’s square with lover Venus can stir up unfinished business to be explored in the romance arena.

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Daily Love

The mere thought of having a friend with benefits isn't necessarily for everyone, but you could be open to the idea, Sagittarius. Sounds quite Jupiterian to say the least, but today's trine between the moon in your platonic eleventh house of friendship, and Mercury retrograde via your committed seventh house of significant others, validates the possibility. Moreover, the moon's square to Venus in your unifying eighth house of intimacy, adds to the equation of your inhibition towards commitment. Now, the real question is: Will your "friend" approve of this type of commitment? The strings might not be attached, but they're still there.

Daily Work

Work relationships are a major focus for you right now, Sagittarius. You have the Gemini sun moving through the last degrees in this area of your chart and is also being influenced by Mercury retrograde. This has pushed you to reflect on what no longer works for you in business partnerships. Rarely do people reflect on this in their work life, but it’s so important. We can spend the most time with those we work with—so, it’s important for them to be aligned with you. Make the right choices for yourself. 

Daily Dating

You're a born explorer, and today's great energy should help you figure out your next big trip. You may want to cross an ocean or two, or just take a look around your city.

Daily Bonus

Trying to fly high but having trouble getting your feet off the ground? Flap harder.