Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

July 12, 2024

Combat negativity by speaking words of kindness, dearest Archer, as Venus and Pluto face off overhead. Your influence grows under this cosmic climate, and the universe will smile fondly when you drive focus toward the more positive aspects of life. Connections from the past could resurface when the Libra moon aligns with the Nodes of Fate this afternoon, though you'll want to tread lightly when it comes to those who have burned you before. Your social media and dating profiles could see a boost when Luna blows a kiss to Jupiter this evening, amplifying your allure and ability to attract attention.

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Daily Food Sagittarius Horoscope

You have to act as mediator between warring factions at home today. A home-cooked meal could restore the peace, especially if it's chicken cacciatore. The perfect blend of Italian flavors reflects the harmony you're seeking after a mind-numbing workday.

Daily Home Sagittarius Horoscope

If you know that a giant, carbohydrate-loaded meal is coming your way, make sure to prepare with an otherwise healthy diet. A salad with plenty of fresh vegetables for lunch will earn you the right to use extra butter at dinner.

Daily Dog Sagittarius Horoscope

You don't need friends and owners in the doghouse to feel good, but it's the best kind of happiness, paws down. You have plenty of company today and you love every minute of it. The goodwill can't be stored in a bottle so enjoy it while you can.

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Daily Teen Sagittarius Horoscope

Has the world gone crazy? If so, you hope it lasts forever. Things are super weird right now, but it all feels like home to you. Help your best buds cope, if they need it.

Daily Cat Sagittarius Horoscope

Your head is spinning this morning, but it's not so bad -- things should pick up in a big way by mid-afternoon! If you hold out that long, expect good news from a human friend of yours.

Daily Bonus Sagittarius Horoscope

Pare down your outgoing self and keep your behavior on the more conservative side.