sagittarius Daily Horoscope for October 21, 2021

October 21, 2021

Thursday’s skies hold their fair share of challenges in store, Sagittarius. Energetic Mars spends the day in a tense configuration with frustration-releasing Pluto, highlighting any unacknowledged stresses existing between your long-term aspirations and current financial situation. Fortunately, relief can be sought by grounding down into the body and getting physical, as the Taurus moon reminds you to tend to your well-being on all levels.

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Daily Love

The moon will join rebellious Uranus via your responsible sixth house of wellness, work routines, and daily due diligence, inspiring an impromptu need to play hooky and/or spruce up your health regimen. Secretly chatting with your lover while you work, Sagittarius? Don't get too comfortable. Single or already attached, today's Mars-Pluto square could create friction when you least expect it. Steer away from spontaneous adventures and risky behavior; this clash is equally as transformative as it is volatile. Tame your desire for freedom, but by that same token, try to not make any set plans with your lover.

Daily Work

Are your dreams financially sustainable, Sagittarius? As Mars squares Pluto today, you may be considering if your dreams can be financially sustainable for the long haul. This may refer to the investment that you will have to make into your professional aspirations, such as an investment or loan. You may also be wondering if others will compensate you for your dreams, like making big bucks off of a project you want to launch. It can be daunting to consider the financial aspect of your aspirations, so do not rush to a decision or even a negative mindset.

Daily Dating

Slow down, be flexible and ignore the noise today. Sure, you're tempted to call it quits, especially since all these annoying people are buzzing around you, but come on. There's no need for self-pity and drama on a glorious summer day.

Daily Bonus

Today you're not feeling very patient with authority figures, so keep a low profile.