scorpio Daily Horoscope for June 19, 2021

June 19, 2021

Let yourself prioritize your own peace today, Scorpio. The moon’s presence in calm-seeking Libra focuses your efforts on slowing down and reconnecting to your own needs. It’s an ideal day to seek out your favorite nature spot, ignore your phone, and unplug from reality. The moon’s harmonious link with messenger Mercury helps you embrace important, emotionally revealing conversations in partnerships.

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Daily Love

You're the keeper of secrets, Scorpio. You exude an incredible amount of mystery and, well... the smoldering intensity of it all is part of your Plutonian charm. Speaking of which, today's moon will continue lighting up your secretive twelfth house of closure, karma, hidden agendas, and all things behind the scenes, but it will simultaneously trine Mercury retrograde via your intimate eighth house soulmate connections. Is it finally time to come clean? If you've been holding back to your romantic feelings, it's important to ask yourself why. After all, this is precisely what brings you closer to your shadow self, right?

Daily Work

Scorpio, changes could be occurring hidden from view with an important work relationship. This could be due to feeling stress from a colleague at work. Sometimes it’s best to leave because you can change others at the end of the day. The Libra moon is in your hidden twelfth house and forming an opposition with Chiron in Aries in your work sector. Keeping your professional plans to yourself is wise to do at this time. Release the information to others at work when it is in your best interest. The tension will subside, and you’ll find the right path for yourself soon enough.

Daily Dating

It seems ridiculous to get mad at your family now that you're all grown up, but something small can snowball into a huge mess if you let it escalate. Try to be the one who brings calm to the situation.

Daily Bonus

There's a mystery for you to solve. Write down the clues and follow the evidence.