Scorpio Daily Horoscope

January 28, 2023

Emotional upsets from the past may rear their ugly head once more, dear Scorpio, as the Aquarius moon forms a harsh t-square in the sky. Don't feel guilty if you need to lay low from home right now, embracing self-care from the safety of your space. Luckily, as the moon continues its journey through Taurus, you'll have an opportunity to reclaim harmony through self-care or romance. A flirtatious vibe will permeate the air as evening manifests, bringing poetry to your thoughts and words that are perfect for bonding with your latest crush. Surprises may find you when Luna cozies up to Uranus, so be sure to open your heart to blessings! 

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It'll only take one minor detail to derail your plans today, so be on the lookout.