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ou'll need to find the best way to approach what could be a mind-numbing day. You'll need caffeine,...

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You'll be slow moving on what will turn out to be a fast-paced day. You'll need to ramp up fast. So...

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You'll be a hard-workin' dervish today, a nervous bundle of energy. You'll get a lot done, but...

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Work will be one problem after another. Oh, the insanity! Don't let the troubles of the office...

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You know what you want in life and you know how to get it. All it takes is for that little voice in...

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You may meet someone you'll be interested in romantically. Cooking is always a good way to make a...

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You may be feeling blue today, and it'll seem like good cheer is a hard thing to come by. So eat...

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You'll need to be tough and shrewd to get through this hectic day. So put your game face on, but...

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You'll feel conservative today. You'll ignore the lure of adventure and you'll turn your back on...

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Give a shout out to co-workers today so they get the recognition they deserve. They, in turn, will...

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Today will be a baffling ball of confusion. You won't know why but don't try to fight it. But after...

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Refrain from asking friends in high places for any favors today. The retribution they demand may...

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