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You may have to defend yourself from the onslaughts of idiots and incompetents today. Conflicts may...

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You'll be moved by the simplicity of beauty today. As you walk the streets you'll feel a deep...

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Busybodies will do their best to glean personal information about you today. This may be...

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Mounting problems and pressures may have you seeking a good therapist today. But ninety dollars an...

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You may have an urge to withdraw from the world today. Romantic entanglements may be mounting, and...

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Ignore the small details and they will soon loom larger than life. Like Godzilla rising from the...

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A friend may need a sounding board today, so prick up your ears. Letting him talk about his...

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Keep your secrets to yourself today, because there are those who will want to exploit them. That...

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You may have difficulty with authority figures today. They'll try to grind you under their boot...

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Do your research before diving into a new relationship today. The facts you uncover could give you...

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Look just beneath the surface when dealing with others today. You may uncover subversive operations...

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You may be healing nicely from a recent heartbreak. But all wounds leave scars and you may be...

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