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Show some semblance of healthy living today. Eat some real food, get in a workout, and take in some...

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Beauty beckons as you make the social rounds today. Guys will seem especially attractive to you,...

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Even the simplest things may be beyond your comprehension today. There's no explaining this sudden...

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Get into the kitchen tonight and rattle those pots and pans. Throw away the cookbooks and come up...

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Keep your money close at hand today, as your finances may be near rock bottom. Be conservative in...

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Too much thinking may actually work against you today. Stop analyzing and picking things to pieces....

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Tonight may be a good one for socializing. Why wait until the weekend to seek out the company of...

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You may find yourself in debates with coworkers on projects. You love a good give and take, but be...

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Go ahead and ask for that long awaited raise today, but prepare to be turned down. Disappointing....

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Today may a good one to reconnect with friends abroad. Email is a quick, cheap way to do just that....

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You consider yourself a critic of all things cultural, and you don't like a lot of what you see....

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Helping others today may not be worth it, as they just won't appreciate it. Concentrate on helping...

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