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Daily GayScope


Relationship problems could have you pondering making rash decisions today. It's never wise to...

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You single guys might have to take the bull by the horns tonight, and get you some lovin'. Finding...

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You give and you give and you give, and what do you get in return? Not much, other than the...

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You will be a crab to the Nth degree today, so look out! Yer gonna blow! Duct tape those claws,...

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When disharmony erupts you're always the first to play therapist, friend, hand holder. This makes...

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Spend time with lots and lots of people today. Be friendly, forthright and social. Shake hands and...

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Manscaping certainly works for you -- you handsome devil -- and your hair, skin and body are...

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Take a culinary tour of Asia in your own town today. Start in Chinatown for dim sum, then Little...

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Your energy may differ from those around you today. You may be buzzing with static electricity...

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Don't take anything anyone says personally today. No matter what they say about you, your mother,...

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Don't overreact to tense or stressful situations today. That shrill, girlish scream you let out...

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You may think that a surprise rendition of some songs you've written will be a treat for everyone...

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