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Daily TeenScope


You want to keep your interactions short and sweet today, even if that means someone thinks you're...

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You need to keep moving quickly today, and you should find that people are more willing to let you...

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You have a lot going on today, so hit the ground running and don't let up until you can't help but...

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It's a great day to get things done, but watch out for miscommunication -- it's way too easy to be...

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Someone is seriously impressed with you -- so keep going. It may be a good time to finally snag...

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You have to make a tough call today -- and you should listen to your head rather than your heart...

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It's your day to try new things -- almost everything looks fun to you. Even though you might not...

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Sometimes you can just rush through your day without worrying about much of anything, and then...

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You'd rather spend the day thinking about big, crazy ideas than dealing with reality. Just hang out...

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Get rid of some old junk today -- even if you don't think you have anything left to toss. It's one...

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You and your big brain are sure to find love today, if you haven't already. It might just be the...

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Your creative energy is keeping you busy today, though it might not be with the stuff you're...

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