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Daily TeenScope


You have a bit of gadget lust today -- there's some new toy that you've just got to have! Whether...

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You're hemming and hawing and not really able to make up your mind about something that seems kind...

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You're feeling fantastic today, and should be able to talk things over with anyone -- no matter how...

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You're not paying much attention to the voices of authority in your life right now -- but they're...

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Your friends are all talking at once, most likely, but if you sit still and listen, you should be...

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Today is wide open with possibilities; make sure you're open to as many of them as you can be. Your...

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Your good energy helps you multi-task today, so make sure you have plenty of activities to keep you...

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You are torn between playing it safe and trying something that's a little risky, and -- for today,...

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You have so much going on today that you might start to get overwhelmed -- but then you remember...

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You may have a lot to say, but say it quickly and move on -- nobody is ready for long or convoluted...

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You're feeling pretty excited about the day, and your ability to talk up your activities is so...

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Something you used to be sure of turns out to be a little less clear, so you may have to spend the...

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