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Daily TeenScope


You're finding it tougher than usual to get going, because it seems as if your path is littered...

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You can cut through all the silliness that is plaguing your friends and family members -- thanks to...

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You've got way more going on than most people realize, because it only comes out in moments of...

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Kick-start your latest big plan with a bang -- you need to impress people if you want this to work...

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It's way too easy for you to overdo it in some way today -- and you should try your best to avoid...

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You're feeling pretty social and kind of intellectual, too, so it's a great time to talk about big...

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Things are happening that seem to put yesterday's worries in a new light -- they're just not that...

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You've got more power in your hands than you realize, so don't be shy about using it! Try to make...

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You need to bring it back down to earth today, but it isn't all that hard to pull off. Just take on...

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It's a great time to indulge yourself in a little harmless fun -- and there shouldn't be any...

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It's a great day for family history, even if that usually bores the heck out of you. The odds are...

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You should let your crush know how you feel -- even if it seems risky! Of course it is, but you'll...

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