Monthly FitnessScope: cancer

July 2017
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You're determined not to slow down or back off from getting healthier and stronger. Every single minute that you put into your health is a victory for you. Take good care of yourself and feel good about it. Shop and eat better and get enough rest. Cut the stress and be calmer and more confident. Wake with great intentions on July 1st and don't let anything slow you down. The 3rd and 4th may take extra effort, but persist. Run or work out early and save the day and evening for holiday fun. The weekend of the 8th and 9th has a gorgeous Full Moon, and the evening may be cooler and sweeter for a long walk or run. Drink extra water throughout the day. Swim or do water aerobics on July 12th. Do the sauna and hot tub on the 13th. Drink even more water. Treat your skin extra well. Is there a new lotion in your future? Shea butter feels great and lavender is soothing. Respect any allergies. The 21st is another great day for beach or water sports. July 22nd and 23rd are prime farmers' market time. What's your favorite summer salad? Got bananas? Look great on the 31st. Brilliant!

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