Monthly FitnessScope

Be strong all month long. You're too smart to overdo things. Why waste time recovering from a cold or a sprained or blistered anything? You've got your routine under control. Stick with it. Vary it a little if it gets boring. You are totally on track. Start on November 1, early if you can, and keep the momentum going. Try a new, exotic exercise or dance style on November 5. Belly dancing, anyone? Work those core muscles. November 5 and November 6 are your power days. Run that route. Do those steps. Transportation or weather could interfere on the weekend of November 11 and November 12, but do what you can. On November 13, maybe try a new instructor or a new class and see a big breakthrough. Skipping rope is great for stamina and core strength Change can be good. You could teach or advise on November 20. Just be you and keep it going! Get food and menu figured out on November 22, and prepare for a big, healthy meal on November 23. Sneak in your workout early and then be grateful for improving your health and fitness. Have a hot tub reward on November 27. Good for you!

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Grounding Elements - Song of the Moment

Neptune Direct: Lose Your Illusions

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