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You're taking good care of yourself and that's all that matters. Pay attention to any new tweaks or twitches, be comfortable, well rested, well hydrated, and just plain well. You're always pushing yourself. Push yourself more when the time is right. If you feel fired up on November 1, go for it. Regardless, show up and get moving. You're doing it. On November 3, visualize the ideal you and start working toward it. If new, sexy yoga pants will help, then get them. A group walk or run on November 5 can satisfy the urge to be social. November 9 might not go as planned. It may go better. If a new dance instructor shows up, enjoy the change. November 9 and November 10 are power days. Spin away or work the elliptical. Got a new favorite machine? Be patient with yourself on November 16 and avoid any minor mishaps. Are your shoes giving you enough support? Really get into one simple exercise on November 18. Running or walking is meditation, too. Get in a party mood and dance on November 21. Exercise early on November 23 and have a healthy, festive meal with friends and family. Rack up those steps on November 30. Excellent!

Grounding Elements - Song of the Moment

Neptune Direct: Lose Your Illusions

The longterm transit of Neptune going direct can be great for the imagination. But, as Christine Aprile explains, we must take care to stay grounded so we don't lose ourselves in illusions.

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