Month of Sep 2018: You're experiencing a breakthrough in your pursuit of better health and fitness. It could be a subtle shift in your attitude. Maybe your head and heart are more into it. Put on your favorite, most comfortable workout gear on September 1 and have a strong run or aerobics workout. Then keep it going. The sixth and seventh are your power days with the moon in Leo. Have a brilliant dance session - and smile.

The sun trines Pluto on September 11. Schedule changes could break your way and let you have a longer, better workout. The weekend is great for group activities, a bike ride, a running or hiking club. Party and dance in the evening. Keep moving!

The sun conjoins Mercury on the twentieth. Don't overthink things. Stick to basics and do what feels best. It if hurts, don't do it. Do something else.

On September 22, the sun enters elegant Libra, ending summer and beginning autumn. Check out the farmers’ market for end-of-summer seasonal specials. Fruit salads!

The sun squares Saturn on September 25. You might not feel like it, but work out anyway. Cardio is good. Be glad you did. Be energetic on Saturday. Fantastic work!

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