Month of Feb 2019: No amount of energy drinks or kale smoothies with a caffeine boost can wake you up, Leo. Your energy has just been zapped. As Chiron reenters Aries on February 18, your body could take a major hit. You might be tired and achy all the time. Take a look at your diet. A simple food swap could do wonders for you. Yours is the sign of excess, but remember to balance out your diet. Stop staying out all night. Think of your complexion!

With Mercury and the sun moving into Pisces this month, it might be best to take a time-out and rest. You’re used to being the star of the show, but now is the time to take a step back. Do yourself a favor and invest in a sleep mask. Winter is almost over, but you need to hibernate a little longer.

The new moon in Aquarius on the fourth will remind you to keep a positive attitude. Remember that even if your body isn’t feeling great, your mood doesn’t have to suffer. You’re a social animal by nature, so stay in touch with friends and have fun. Keep smiling, Leo, and take a nap!

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