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April 2017
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Make some new good habits this month. Maybe eat more fruit and less sugar? It's okay to keep it modest. There are some old good habits still in your health and fitness toolbox, too. Don't forget them. Leave a bit earlier and rush less. Little things are the hardest sometimes, but they sure can make exercising easier. Spring into action on the 1st, and no fooling around. Slip into your workout gear, lace up the shoes, and get moving. Go outside for a long walk, run, or bike ride on the 2nd. Feel and look radiant after a powerful gym session on the 4th. You're improving more quickly than you realize. The weekend of the 8th and 9th is for practical, smaller measures. And there are no substitutes for sunshine and fresh air. If indecisive on the 10th, you'll do your workout anyway. Sit less and move more. How is the step count? The 15th and 16th are Easter weekend. Even if you don't celebrate, there will be chocolates and sweets everywhere. Get in your run or yoga early. Swim and hot tub it on the 22nd. The 26th and 30th are easy days for a strong effort. You're rockin' it!

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