Monthly FitnessScope

Happy New Year! You did a great job last year, no matter what you think. Your head and heart are into it. Look and feel better and better as you continue to do what you can, when you can. Be persistent and consistent. You've got this.

Start January 1 with powerful intent. Dress in your new gear and get running or walking. Or try that new stretching or aerobics video. Do more steps on the third and gradually build up your stamina.

Get in tune with your body on January 6, when Mars and Jupiter conjoin in Scorpio. The ninth could get intense when the sun conjoins Pluto in Capricorn. If there's stress in your life, pour it into your workout and feel great.

January 14 and January 15 are for no-nonsense workouts in the equipment or weights room. Turn the treadmill up a notch, raise the heart rate a bit, and count those steps.

The nineteenth through twenty-first are your power days with the moon in Pisces. Stay focused and then reward your body with the hot tub. Maybe a new moisturizer or shampoo would be nice. Lavender? Ahhh.

Compete only against yourself on the twenty-sixth. Be happy with your effort on January 29 and January 30. Tremendous!

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