Monthly FitnessScope: pisces

July 2017
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Go ahead and live your dream of being healthier, fitter, and stronger. You're making it real. Your heart is in it, and that may be more important than anything. Once you get dedicated, nothing takes you off your path. On July 1st, start early, get dressed, drink extra water, and do your run or workout. Your body wants to move. Start early on the 4th, too, before the day gets hot, busy, and complicated. You'll feel better. On the 8th, the morning might also be easier than the evening. Work out and then relax and enjoy the Full Moon with a special someone. July 9th could get romantic, too. Get out early and have the night free for dancing and dining. Swim on the 13th and save time for the hot tub. Be good to your skin. If you need a better moisturizer, get one. July 17th and 18th are pleasant days to exercise and then indulge in fresh summer salads and all things fruity and cool. The 20th and 23rd are for extra effort. Drink extra water and keep up the good work. July 26th could get hyper, but you don't have to overexert or go beyond your limits. Have fun and feel fantastic!

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