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April 2017
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Feeling ready to make a big, bold advance in your health and fitness? Maybe you have a small group of kindred spirits and you're all ready to leap forward together. The time is right for big progress. Attitude alone can give you a big boost now. Get up bright and early on the 1st, do your run or indoor workout, and get the heart pumping. You may be torn in two directions on the 3rd, but one will lead you to the gym. Simplify your routine on the 7th. Maybe more reps with lighter weights? Have a moderate workout on the 9th, or go out for sunshine, fresh air, and spring flowers. Push yourself on the 10th, but don't overindulge afterward. Be good to your tummy on the 13th. Do you make juices or smoothies? Nice. If the 15th and 16th are a holiday weekend for you, consider an end-of-season ski trip, or exercise early at home and be ready for family, food, and sweets. Try a new class or instructor on the 20th. Yoga? Pilates? Zumba? African beat? Maybe go with a friend on the 26th to a new gym or class. Be intrepid. Get in extra steps on the 28th and feel marvelous!

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