Month of Oct 2018: Double down and concentrate on your own health and well-being. If a lot of people are doing different things or taking different approaches to exercise or diet, that's fine. They're them. You are you. Work hard and enjoy being you.

Do your run or video workout early on October 1. Later, gather your thoughts on diet, food shopping, and healthy snacks.

Venus turns retrograde after a moon-Jupiter square on the fifth. The day might get complicated, but you can bloom and feel fantastic if you dig deep inside yourself. Dance and let your spirit soar. Count all steps. Add them up.

On October 11, the moon conjoins Jupiter. Go for the gold but do it for yourself.

The twelfth and thirteenth are your power days with the moon in Sagittarius. If it's party time, make it active, healthy dance time. That means healthy snacks, too. Sweat and smile!

October 19 or October 20 could be hot tub or spa days. You're earning it.

Do the elliptical or stationary bike and feel good in your skin under the full moon on the twenty-fourth.

Try some new classes or a new cooking style when Mercury conjoins Jupiter on October 29. Mercury enters Sagittarius the next day. Finish the month strong and smart!

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