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March 2017
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The sky's the limit. There's no telling how much you can accomplish now. Take care to not overdo or overexert, but beyond that, every little bit of progress you make now will be yours for the long haul. A few more steps each day or a little more time out in the sunshine all add up and won't go away. Hit the ground running (or walking) on the 1st. You're so full of energy. Eat well on the 3rd and maybe cut back on some of the sugar, especially on the 4th. Keep moving. Shop smart on the 7th and 8th (and count those steps, too, okay?) Get outside if you can on the 11th and 12th. Fresh air improves everything. Take care on the 14th and avoid any minor mishaps. Be good to your ankles and knees. Maybe it's hot-tub time on the 16th. Reward any achy muscles. They're working hard for you. Get social on the 18th and 19th. Is the hiking or cycling club going someplace interesting and new? Spring is here on the 20th! Celebrate with a spirited dance class. Feel fine and have an extra spring in your step on the 25th and 28th. That's progress!

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