Monthly FitnessScope

Get smarter and more ambitious. The whole month is waiting for you to fill each day with better health and more fitness. Eat better, rest better, and move better. Be more active. Small efforts add up fast, so keep at it. You can do this. Get a head start on November 1 and do your workout early. Be energized for the rest of the day. November 3 may be disorganized, but November 4 should be wide open for a walk, run, or ride in a new, fun place. Then have a drink or snack with a new workout buddy. Have more fun in your workout on November 7. Even the plank can turn into fun if you let it. Yeah, right. On the weekend of November 11 and November 12, add up as many steps as you can and don't look back. November 16 and November 17 are power days, so push hard. Break through to a higher level on November 18. That plateau is behind you. Don't get frustrated on November 19. On November 23, share a healthy feast and be grateful for your growing health and fitness. Maybe pull back but don't sit back on November 28. The hot tub awaits. All right!

Grounding Elements - Song of the Moment

Neptune Direct: Lose Your Illusions

The longterm transit of Neptune going direct can be great for the imagination. But, as Christine Aprile explains, we must take care to stay grounded so we don't lose ourselves in illusions.

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