Cancer Monthly Horoscope for November 2022

Month of November 2022

Romance and Creativity

Cancer, the emphasis is on the sign of Scorpio and your sector of leisure, creativity and romance. With convivial Mercury, seductive Venus and the sun in this potent sign, you’ll put a lot of effort into adding extra sizzle to your love life, your creative projects and any entrepreneurial ideas you might have.

You’ll be very single-minded and passionate about whatever you get involved in, perhaps too much at times. You might benefit from stepping back and doing other things that allow you take a break. Going out with friends and enjoying life could be one of them.

There’s also a powerful lunar eclipse in Taurus to reckon with on November 8. It could reveal a secret that transforms your life. Something might come to light that changes everything.

Your intense mood will continue until the sun joins chatty Mercury and luscious Venus in the sign of Sagittarius on the twenty-second. This trio in your wellness sector could find you happier and brighter but also eager to get organized. You’ll realize the value of letting go of activities that serve no good purpose.

And you’ll want to set your priorities and goals. It’s time to create routines and schedules that can help them to materialize. This is the time to look at the bigger picture and keep an open mind, because new possibilities could jump out at you that you’ve never considered before.

In fact, with a lively new moon in Sagittarius on November 23, this is the perfect time to commence any new projects. Whether you want to start a business, enhance your diet and exercise routine, let go of bad habits or just be more efficient, this is a great time to start.

In addition, jubilant Jupiter turns direct in your sector of far horizons that same day. You’ll find that all the hard work you’ve done to learn new skills for a new job or business venture can now start to bear fruit.

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