Capricorn Monthly Horoscope for May 2022

Month of May 2022

Fresh Adventures

Capricorn, the sun in down-to-earth Taurus until May 20 puts you in the mood to enjoy life and take time out to kick back and relax. It’s time to indulge in your favorite hobbies and other activities, take a romantic break, or simply get away from it all. You don’t need an excuse to have fun. Instead, just go all out to enjoy yourself.

The big news this month is the very active focus on your home zone, which could inspire new projects and activities. Creative Venus moves into Aries on May 2, which could coincide with a desire to create greater harmony in your domestic environment or redecorate in bold, beautiful colors.

Next, sassy Jupiter moves into Aries on the tenth, encouraging thoughts of expansion. Could it be that you need a bigger place to live? Are you thinking of starting or adding to your family? Big ideas are swirling in the ether, and you will be busy chasing them.

Dealmaker Mercury turns retrograde in your lifestyle sector on May 10, so expect some delays. Back up important files and documents on your computer and check that your antivirus software is up to date.

There might be quite a showdown in your social circles, because the lunar eclipse in Scorpio on the fifteenth could push you to end a toxic association. Doing so can leave you wiser and happier.

You’ll be eager to streamline your affairs when the sun moves into Gemini for a four-week stay on May 20. Use this time to consider your priorities and find a way to create balance. Make taking time out nonnegotiable and you’ll soon begin to flourish.

Are you ready to start new initiatives? The new moon in Gemini on the thirtieth is an excellent time to go ahead. Whether you want to kick-start a habit or begin a project, do it now.

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Monthly Love

There’s a lot of excitement on the horizon as bountiful Venus starts spending time with action-packed, adventurous fire sign Aries on May 2. When you start enjoying the moment instead of always worrying about the future, you can have some pretty fantastic and intense experiences.

Another Mercury retrograde cycle begins on the tenth, and this time the communicative planet is under a strong airy Gemini influence. This versatile pairing actually helps you get through the difficulties of this retrograde cycle by suggesting alternate,...

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Monthly Work

Looking to trusted colleagues and mentors is what it’s all about right now. The people at the levels above you are pulling strings and creating the power dynamic. 

Venus, Jupiter and Mars all enter Aries this month, and they’re heightening your vibe and making things extremely tempestuous. Since this energy is affecting the personal sector of your chart, you could feel it as meltdowns and burnout. This could make you more argumentative than ever when things don’t go your way, especially at work. You might also argue with colleagues...

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Monthly Dating

Dating becomes a family affair when Venus enters Aries on May 2. It seems like every member of your clan has the “perfect” match for you or some dating advice you “need” to hear. Take it all in, Capricorn, but make sure to use your common sense. 

However, before you look for love, take good care of your well-being when Mercury goes into retrograde in Gemini and Jupiter enters Aries on the tenth. Don’t rush into a relationship just because you don’t want to be lonely. And do NOT answer that text from your ex during the lunar eclipse...

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