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Cancer Monthly Horoscope

Month of May 2024

Getting Your Bearings

There’s a powerful emphasis on your social zone this month, %s, so you’ll be mixing and mingling and enjoying the chance to connect with kindred spirits. With the sun in Taurus until May 20 and luscious Venus sending sensuous waves of enchantment your way, this is a great time to move in new circles, date, and join groups and clubs that sync with your interests.

The new moon in Taurus on the seventh could be a game changer, because there’s a chance that an encounter could spark some wonderful new developments. If you want to collaborate with someone on an idea or project, this might be when you go ahead. It’s a chance to bring a dream to life.

Talkative Mercury hikes into Taurus on May 15, assisting you by enhancing the quality of your voice and the way you connect with others. You could prove irresistible.

Once the sun glides into Gemini and a private sector on the twentieth, you’re entering a time of year when one phase is coming to an end. This is an opportunity to tie up loose ends, release whatever is no longer serving you, and prepare for takeoff when the sun enters your sign in a month’s time. You’re currently working toward clearing the runway for this precipitous moment.

The full moon in Sagittarius on May 23 lights up your lifestyle sector, and this can be a call to make a few changes to key areas of your life. You might want to alter your routines but also find ways to enhance your income so you have more opportunities to relax and partake of fulfilling activities.

Finally, the big news is that philosophical Jupiter moves into Gemini on the twenty-fifth and remains here for around a year. It will be lighting up your sector of wisdom and soul and encouraging you to expand your understanding of life and living. Meeting the right life coach could be something that pays dividends now and for many years to come.

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