Pisces Monthly Horoscope for Month of July 2022

Month of July 2022

Enjoying Life

Pisces, the sun in your leisure zone until July 22 means it’s time to kick back and enjoy life. In fact, with convivial Mercury moving in on the fourth, followed by charming Venus two weeks later, the weeks ahead look like they’ll be a blast. The cosmos is actively encouraging you to indulge in your favorite hobbies. Whether you enjoy creative activities, walking, surfing, reading or anything else, this is the time to do more of it.

And romance might be high on the agenda too, which gives you even more to look forward to. This is your time to recharge and explore new interests. You’ll feel all the better for doing so.

Plus, sassy Mars moves into Taurus on July 4, enhancing your communication skills and encouraging you to reach out and connect. This is the time to network with others on your wavelength.

And with sweet Venus in your home zone until the seventeenth, you might enjoy beautifying your place and entertaining guests.

There’s a supermoon in Capricorn and your social sector on July 13. If it coincides with a social event, it could be a boisterous affair in which some interesting information comes out into the open. It could also highlight issues with friends or groups that need more attention.

If you’re ready to get your life sorted out, the sun’s move into Leo and your lifestyle sector on the twenty-second can help with this. You might feel moved to create better work/life balance, which could mean cutting out things that don’t contribute to your happiness and that you might even be tired of. Letting them go can bring a sense of relief.

Finally, the new moon in Leo on July 28 can be very helpful for getting organized. Set new routines and habits in motion now and you’ll soon be firing on all cylinders.

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Monthly Love

If you’re a typical Pisces, you’re the painfully shy type, and during the stressful square between communicative Mercury in Gemini and Neptune in your introverted sign on July 2, things go from bad to worse. Your awkwardness when communicating with someone you really like (or love) is obvious, and a simple apology might not make up for it.

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Monthly Work

For the first time in a very long time, you’re beginning to see that it takes more than one person to run a business. In fact, it takes a proverbial village. This month enables you to understand that you are not alone even if you often think you’re the only one running the show.

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Monthly Dating

Start your month on a flirty note when Mars enters Taurus and Mercury enters Cancer on July 4. Use your sweet words to get yourself a date to the barbecue or have a creative date night with your lover. Either way, Pisces, you’ll be making memories.

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