Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

Month of May 2023

Lifestyle Decisions

Getting organized will be key this month and beyond, Sagittarius. You’re looking for a way to enrich your daily life, and the coming weeks and year ahead can help you do this. If you’ve had a desire to streamline your affairs, this month can see it coming to fruition. It all starts with you asking yourself what you really want. Once you know that, you can set your priorities and get routines and habits in place that will support you in reaching your goals.

On May 5, there is a lunar eclipse in Scorpio and across your financial axis that could highlight an issue that you’ve been reluctant to deal with. It might encourage you to take the plunge and start to address it. This aspect could also inspire you to drop your old ways of thinking and feeling about finances and adopt a new, more positive approach.

If you’ve experienced complications at work, Mercury turns direct on the fourteenth, which means things are going to get easier. Once this chatty planet gets back on track, you’ll be able to get moving on those projects that have been on hold.

The exciting news this month is that upbeat Jupiter, your key planet, is on the move and bounces into Taurus on May 16 for a stay of around a year. You’ll have more energy and confidence when it comes to your work, and you’ll be more daring and willing to leave your comfort zone.

The new moon in Taurus on the nineteenth is one to make use of if you’re eager to kick-start a new habit or begin a project, business, or new job. If you have a chance to sync your plans with this lunar phase, you’ll quickly build momentum and succeed more easily.

Finally, the sun glides into Gemini on May 21 for a stay of four weeks, so relationships will get a boost, and you can benefit from increased teamwork and cooperation.

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