Cancer Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of June 30, 2024

This week, the sun is in your sign and cozies up to the moon, which is excellent for clarity and logical thinking. You're more focused than usual and can solve problems creatively. You're feeling equality more than usual throughout your day in the world, and the mid-morning hours are the time to ask family for help if needed. 

The moon moves into your sign on the fourth, empowering your usual care for others and your home and tending to your sense of security in all facets of life. Be sure you make enough time to rest until the new moon is in your sign on the fifth so you can replenish your energy from all your hard work. 

On the sixth, the moon, your ruling planet, moves into the sign of Leo, meaning you'll be more self-expressive than usual. Allow yourself space for silliness and creativity now and reap the rewards of just making yourself laugh.

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You could have a little too much to do early this week, and it might feel as if time is contracting while your workload is expanding. It will be hard to get help, but you should finish everything in time for the spotlight to swing your way sometime midweek. People may turn to you for advice, or maybe something more. It's a great time for you to start a new romantic thing. You might be torn between living in the present and preparing for the future this weekend. Spend a little extra energy thinking forward.

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