Horóscopo del Trabajo Semanal de Acuario

Semana del 3 de marzo 2024

Stay true to who you are this week, Aquarius. Starting on Sunday, March 3, you may need to be more confident in your tone, turf, and timing when your work interactions go in an unexpected direction since Venus in your sign will square Uranus in Taurus. The square will push you to be mindful of how you handle unexpected outbursts, comments, and more. Luckily, you can still be true to yourself without adding any fuel to a fire. This will also prepare you for the next day since you might anticipate more unexpected twists and turns in your work conversations. 

Since Venus in your sign will also sextile the North Node in Aries and trine the South Node in Libra, this could help you feel better about your professional plans. The fateful transits will help you remain confident and self-assured no matter what your coworkers may have to say. 

By the end of your workweek, you should keep an eye on any financial conversations since Mercury in Pisces will conjunct Neptune in Pisces. The conjunction could cause some confusion with your financial planning and conversations. You might need to keep an eye on your bank accounts and follow your budget.

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Horóscopo semanal del amor

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No eres precisamente famoso por mantener la nariz pegada a la piedra de afilar, pero puedes demostrar a tus críticos que se equivocan con un poco más de disciplina el lunes y el martes (después de todo, la responsabilidad puede ser aburrida, pero presumir es divertido). (Hacia mediados de semana, instiga e inspira. Estás en la cúspide de algo grande y todo el mundo quiere disfrutar de tu actitud enérgica. Del jueves por la noche al sábado, haz un esfuerzo deliberado por ser compasivo (eso es pan comido para ti, por supuesto). El domingo,...

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25 de febrero

Changes in your home life might require financial attention, Aquarius. Something unexpected might pop up when the moon in Virgo trines Uranus in Taurus. You might have a last-minute issue or obligation that you will have to fulfill financially during this earth-shattering trine. A family member...

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mes de febrero de 2024

Abundance is coming this month, Aquarius, which means that your bank account will be hitting a high. When Venus rolls into Aquarius on February 16, there will be a huge shift in the way that you save your cash and budget yourself. The caveat is that you might do more talking about the new financial...

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Horóscopo del Trabajo Anual de Acuario

Año de 2024

With ambitious Saturn in your second house this year, your career comes with a big dose of self-entitlement, Aquarius. As you think about your self-worth, you will most likely be demanding more of yourself (especially if you’re self-employed) or your employer. You command more professional respect...

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